Current issue Volume 14 No. 5 (2014)

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Published on 25th August 2014


As we release issue 65, we continue to focus on late Dr Norman Borlaug and his amazing work of the 60’s that credited him with saving millions from starvation. That was the period dubbed the Green Revolution. But then into the 21st century, he planted a seed in Africa. Before I continue let me say how pleased we are to have 8 exceptional papers that have been rigorously peer reviewed. We also have many relevant reprints and announcements in this issue and news of interest.

My observation is that all of a sudden, there is a lot of interest on many fronts. First, there seems to be urgent concern that we need to do something, and anxiety as to what that something is. I believe in this 100th year of Norm Borlaug’s birth, he is talking to us and wondering why we act as if we are not concerned; he is urging us to do something.

As I write this Foreword for issue 65, I am attending the 17th Congress of the International Union of Food Science and Technology. Our first keynote address, the distinguished lecture, was delivered by Dr Brian Keating of CSIRO Australia who two thirds into his speech, .... ......Foreword

Hon. Prof. Ruth Oniang'o

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