The Revival of the Society of African Journal Editors (SAJE)

The last two decades have witnessed significant improvement in the publication of research and academic journals out of Africa. Many African journals are now available on the internet and a few have achieved global reputation. Unfortunately, the visibility of most African journals on the global stage is still relatively low. Majority of journals published in Africa today are still not well known outside their institutions or country.

The idea for an association that will bring together African journal editors to promote African journals was first mooted in 2002 by Prof. Ruth Oniang’o, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND). Prof. Oniang’o’s initiative and that of other African editors led to the establishment of the Society of African Journal Editors (SAJE) in 2004. SAJE is a bold idea by African research editors to have some control over the promotion of journals published on the African continent. Furthermore, it is now widely recognized that African universities and institutes need vibrant research journals to publish and promote their research outputs as well as their reviews and opinions.

SAJE ( is now calling on all editors of African journals to join the society and the movement to promote African journals. By being members of SAJE, African editors will greatly benefit by establishing connections with colleagues who are also involved in editing and publishing. SAJE will allow for increased collaborative learning and interaction among journal editors through participation in conferences and workshops aimed at strengthening their journals. Ultimately, SAJE will provide a platform for African editors to keep in touch with current editing standards, publishing technologies and maintain professional contacts with colleagues who serve on various editorial boards.

The Society of African Journal Editors will collaborate with the academic and research communities to ensure that African journals are highly rated and well accepted in universities and research institutes within the continent and internationally.

Prof. Nyerhovwo Tonukari

Nyerhovwo Tonukari, PhD
Interim Secretary
Society of African Journal Editors

Editor, African Journal of Biotechnology

Head, Department of Biochemistry
Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria