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Global Harmonization Initiative



GHI Newsletter June 2021

President's message

Dear Reader,

Recently, I received the very sad news that my good friend and active GHI member Wentzel Gelderblom ("Blom") passed away unexpectedly at far too young an age.

It is a pleasure to be able to address you again with this issue of GHI Matters, which has been incorporated in AJFAND, knowing that we reach many more readers than ever before.

The 23rd of this month was "World Whistleblowers Day" and it feels good that on that day the GHI webpage for anonymous reporting of serious food safety incidents had become publicly accessible, be it only in English initially but translations in other languages will follow as soon as possible.

GHI is about using good science to underpin food safety regulations with the aim to improve food security. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine of the US write about: “How does science know what it knows? What if scientific studies disagree? Can I use science to make decisions?” I strongly recommend visiting the website to learn more about these issues.

There is much more that we hope you will find of interest to you. Enjoy!

Huub Lelieveld, June 2021

The complete newsletter: GHI Newsletter June 2021 issue

  • President's message
  • Editor’s Message
  • Anonymous reporting of serious food safety incidents
  • World Whistleblower Day
  • Obituary of Wentzel Gelderblom
  • GHI keeps abreast with developments at EFSA
  • Covid-19 and Food translations
  • How to share information you feel to be of relevance for other members of GHI
  • Articles by members of GHI
  • Sunlight-activated spray could protect crops
  • COVID-19: Food Safety in global food supply chain
  • Halal certifiers webpage
  • Halal certifiers webpage
  • Regional agribusiness initiatives in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Global sodium benchmarks
  • Study on remote learning in food studies
  • Events
  • Fi AFRICA 2021 event
  • Biofilm and food processing
  • World Food Safety Day (WFSD)-2021-reports from around the world


GHI Newsletter Extra Issue May 2021

Editor’s Message

Dear Reader,

I hope you have had a chance to read the April, 2021 Issue of GHI Matters available here. We are sharing a short ‘Extra’ supplementary addendum to the issue. The information in this 2-page supplement would not be relevant by the time the June Issue arrives. Kindly take the time to read through this and learn about the call for Food Safety Incidents Stories, the World Food Safety Day, and finally note the correct link to the Presentation about CoVId-19 and Food that was in the last issue of GHI Matters, which was published in the AJFAND.

Benard Oloo, 28th May, 2021

The complete newsletter: GHI Newsletter May 2021 Extra issue

  • Editor’s Message
  • Correction
  • Food safety incident stories
  • World Food Safety Day


GHI Newsletter April 2021

President's message

Dear Reader,

It is a great pleasure to be able to address you for the first time from our "home" journal. You may notice that we have revamped the layout, mostly by removing superfluous information that you can easily find on the GHI website. It is a fresh start, and it is also a pleasure to acknowledge that the new Newsletter Editor has done a great job. It may also be good to know that GHI and AJFAND have worked together to ensure that we remain compliant with the privacy requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as shown on the relevant webpage.

We hope that much of the information in this issue will be of interest to you, such as the downloadable presentation on Covid-19 and food. It is available not only in English but also in several other languages and more shall be forth-coming. It is also my pleasure to congratulate many GHI members for receiving prestigious awards, Ruth Oniang'o, the Editor-in-Chief of AJFAND, Vishweshwaraiah Prakash, Joe Regenstein, Aurora Saulo and Bala Balasubramaniam. Details are below.

I would like to point to the Food Safety Profession proposal, prepared by the Working Group for Ethics in Food Safety Practices. I feel that this is an essential issue to ensure food safety for everyone around the world.

The large number of events are listed that gives you a number of opportunities to participate. Many are hybrid while others are online. Those that are hybrid or online only offer participation to those who would not be able to attend the live events due to the considerable costs to attend. GHI members are also active in writing as you will see. We try to make it easy for readers to download these items. Many of them provide information that you may have missed but will be helpful to know.

There is much more in the newsletter and I hope you will take the time to read GHI Matters carefully so that you can keep informed about what GHI is about. In addition you may want to read articles in this peer-reviewed open access journal. They tend to be very interesting, which is another good reason for choosing AJFAND!

GHI is growing and has many active members. It implies that the workload of GHI officers is continually increasing. That is why you will also find a paragraph about a vacancy for the function of Honorary Communications Director. It is an important opportunity to contribute to a better world. It would be great if you are the one who can and wants to take the responsibility for this essential GHI task.

Huub Lelieveld, 29 April 2021.

The complete newsletter: GHI Newsletter April 2021 issue

  • President's message
  • Editor’s Message
  • Affiliation of GHI with the African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND)
  • A presentation about Covid-19 and food
  • Awards
  • Resistance levels in bacteria causing foodborne infections
  • Honorary Communications Director vacancy
  • Events
  • Food Safety Profession proposal - A plan for globally safer food
  • Women in Science International Awards
  • Newly appointed GHI Ambassadors, 2021
  • EFSA Management Board vacancy
  • Books, articles and book chapters by GHI and members of GHI on food and nutrient safety and security