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We present to you a list of the commentaries/short communication published in AJFAND. To access the full article click on the author's name.

Published in

Indigenous knowledge of health benefits of morama plant among respondents in Ghantsi and Jwaneng areas of Botswana
Chingwaru W, Faria ML, Saravia C and A Cencic*

Volume 7
No.6 (2007)

Acacia gum and sustainable development in Africa
John Lupien

Volume 7
No. 5 (2007)

The dilemma of iron supplements/fortification: link to degenerative diseases
Michael Lokuruka

Volume 7
No. 5 (2007)

Agricultural Technology
Obed Lungu

Volume 7
No. 2 (2007)

Coping with drought and its aftermath in East Africa
Todd Benson and Heidi Fritschel

Volume 7
No. 1 (2007)

Soya, from research to viable action plan - A commentary
John Kiambi

Volume 6
No. 2 (2006)