Dr. Paul Aryee

Dr. Paul Aryee

Dr. Paul Armah Aryee is a Public Health Nutritionist with a strong background in Human Physiology. He holds a BSc. (Honours) in Zoology with Botany (University of Ghana), a MMedSci. in Human Nutrition (Centre for Human Nutrition, University of Sheffield, UK) a MPhil. in Human Physiology (University of Ghana Medical School) and a Ph.D. in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Southampton, UK. He is currently a Lecturer/Researcher in the Department of Community Nutrition at the University for Development Studies in Tamale, Ghana.

Dr. Aryee has received professional training in various aspects of physiology, nutrition and education at various stages of his career development. He has also enjoyed considerable strategic and leadership training from within and outside the borders of Ghana. He has participated and been part of the organization of many conferences, workshops and seminars both locally and internationally.

He has taught many courses in Nutrition, Physiology and Anatomy, has been involved in the training and mentoring of medical, nursing, community nutrition and health science education students at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. He has supervised over 70 student dissertations at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has served as an internal and external examiner for programmes at the University for Development Studies in Tamale and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana.

Dr. Aryee’s research interest cuts across many disciplines as a result of his background and opportunities at the UDS. Areas of research include maternal and child nutrition, infant and young child feeding practices, anaemia in HIV/AIDS, non-communicable diseases (specifically obesity, diabetes and hypertension), public health nutrition and food and nutrition security.

Dr Aryee serves on many boards and committees of the University and provides consultancies and advice on matters on nutrition to the Ghana Health services and other health related public and private agencies. He has been a member of the core group leading civil society actions on Nutrition as part of the Scaling up Nutrition movement in northern Ghana. Since 2000, Dr Aryee has served in membership capacities of many associations and groups including, The Paediatric Society of Ghana (Northern Branch), The Planning Committee for setting up the Ghana Nutrition Association, National Pre-Service Nutrition Curricula Review Taskforce, Food and Nutrition Security Network – Northern Ghana, Nutrition Society, UK. Currently, he is an active member of the following prestigious professional groups; Ghana Nutrition Association (GNutA), the African Nutrition Society (ANS), the World Public Health Nutrition Association (WPHNA), the Ghana Science Association (GSA) and African Graduate Nutrition Students Network (AGSNet).

Dr. Aryee has been an advocate of nutrition and health on the media landscape (Radio and Television) and during his extensive field practical training with his students. He has been reviewing articles for journals such as the Journal of Public Health Nutrition, Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (JHND), Journal of Medical and Biomedical Science (JMeBS) and African Journal of Food Agriculture Nutrition and Development (AJFAND). He has also served as a technical reviewer of abstracts for the following conferences; WPHNA Conference Rio2012 and ANEC VI 2014. He has 6 published articles and a number of abstracts in peer reviewed journals.


Abstracts for conferences
Acta Peadiatrica, Pediatrics, Maternal and Child Nutrition, and AJFAND
Dr Aryee has been a dedicated reviewer for AJFAND for a number of years.

We at AJFAND value his contribution and wish him great success and good health as he moves forward in his career. Editor, AJFAND.


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