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Fruits and Vegetables are good for you!!!

Fruits and vegetables are good for our health. They provide nutrients that are essential for health promotion. Fruits and vegetables need to be a part of the diet for both children and adults. In my own culture, it was almost unheard of to see adults eat fruits, while the same adults ate mostly vegetables with their staple food made from maize meal since meat tended to be and still is relatively expensive. Fruits were believed to be foods for children and there is nothing wrong with that except that both fruits and vegetables are good for both adults and children, providing a wide range of vitamins and minerals that serve various important functions in the body. Many of us, however, still do not consume adequate quantities of fruits and vegetables; reasons for this situation vary.

Reasons and excuses

There is a number of reasons why we should eat a variety of colors from the fruit and vegetable collection that nature has endowed us with. Fruits and vegetables are virtually fat free, low in salt and an excellent source of fiber. Some fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and mangoes provide Vitamin A, which maintains eye health and immunity. Other fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, spinach and kale, contain potassium, which is necessary for proper nerve and muscle functioning. Green vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli and asparagus, and African leafy vegetables provide B Vitamins, which are necessary for converting food into energy. But all fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients; the health-promoting components of plants. Scientific studies show that phytonutrients can help protect seven key organs including the eyes, heart, liver and skin and they may also serve as antioxidants. The B vitamins also help with the metabolic processes.

Antioxidant protection

Current research has measured the total antioxidant power of various foods, citing fruits and vegetables at the top of the list.

Antioxidants protect our bodies from free radicals that can cause damage to cellular membranes. Antioxidants also boost our immunity, help make our muscles stronger and support bone and skin health.
Since eating the recommended daily servings of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables is not always realistic, it is recommended that we try supplementing your diet with appropriate products. These products can be found right now wherever we are.

Food sources are however still the best.

So try to get in the habit of eating plenty of produce each day.
It is one of the biggest favors you can do for your body.

In today's busy lifestyle it is often hard to eat the seven servings of fruits and vegetables you need for optimum health.

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